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WP Polling Plus

WP Polling Plus allows you to generate and integrate a polling system to your website. It is a great tool which will help you to engage your website visitors and gather opinions regarding a specific matter.

The plugin also allows you to add bonus for your visitors after they voted on your poll. A statistic will also be displayed after they voted.

Another great feature is the social sharing feature – this can make your polls go viral as your polls can be seen by all the voters friends with a link back to your site, thus create more traffic to your site.

For a limited time the plugin comes with developer and multi-site licenses and 2 additional bonuses.

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WP EZ Ticketing Plugin

WP EZ Ticketing is a wordpress plugin that allows you to offer support tickets to your website visitors & customers. This will help you to organise incoming queries or issues in an efficient manner, helping to provide a swift and efficient response.

•Easy-to-use interface for viewing and answering tickets
•Users (and guests) can create support ticket, track their ticket and reply to their ticket/s.
•Tickets are tracked with status details, leaving no one in the dark about what’s happening
•Fully functional editor – users can upload & attach files to their tickets, including image with live preview, so user can see instantly the image/s attached.
•Email notification upon new ticket submission for both user and admin
•Email notification upon ticket update for both user and admin
•Ticket filtering/sorting based on email, name, member id or topic
•Priority, status, type and product keys selection for each ticket
•Assign tickets to specific team members/staff
•FAQ, Knowledge Base, Troubleshooting module area where users can find relevant answers before submitting a ticket.

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WP Smart Pop Plugin

WP Smart Pop as its name implies, is a wordpress plugin that enables you to create a popup designed to be displayed when a user moves the cursor away from your site. It helps you to capture their attention and convert the traffic that is about to leave.

It comes with neat and cool design, position and effect settings to further enhance your popup. You can also check the statistics of your popup.

For a limited time the plugin comes with developer and multi-site licenses and 2 additional bonuses.

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Comment Promo Plugin

Comment Promo gives your readers a clear direction to pursue after they’ve left a comment. They won’t see that ultra-friendly message, “Your comment is awaiting moderation” or worse, be dumped right back on the page.

Instead, they’ll be offered exactly what you want them to see. You can…
  • Include an offer for your latest product release.
  • Provide a “commenter only” coupon.
  • Promote a related affiliate program.
  • Ask readers to follow you on social media.
  • Ask them to share your content with friends.
  • Present an opt-in form for your mailing list.
  • Remind readers about an upcoming event you’ll be attending.
  • Create some buzz about your next product launch.
  • Give a sneak peak of member’s only content.
  • Offer a video tip.
  • Remind readers to bookmark your site or add it to their feed reader.
As you can see, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

For a limited time the plugin comes with developer and multi-site licenses and a surprise bonuses pack.

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How to Build Your Own Email Autoresponder Server Videos

This 17-part video course, created by an industry expert, will show your customers step-by-step how they can setup their own email autoresponder server using a free tool.

This video course contains the following modules:

Module #1: Introduction
Explanation of the course, topics and requirements and providing some "cover your butt" legal compliance statements.

Module #2: Domain Names
You'll be guided on picking the perfect domain name for your new email server...You even receive some "cheat sheet" keywords to make the selection extra easy.

Module #3: Hosting
Explanation of the differences between Shared Hosting and Dedicated/VPS Hosting. You also receive some Shared Hosting hacks for budget-conscious marketers and insider advice on a popular Registrar to avoid.

Module #4: Email Addresses
Find out the 3 critical email addresses you'll need to get your server whitelisted. You also receive an extra "over the shoulder" video showing email creation in cpanel.

Module #5: Email Authentication
It's part 1 of the "secret sauce" to getting whitelisted. You'll learn everything about email authentication. In video 2 you'll find out how to enable it on cpanel.

Module #6: Feedback Loops
It's part 2 of the "secret sauce" to getting whitelisted. You'll find out what feedback loops are and how to apply to the "Big Three".

Module #7: Wordpress Magic
It's showtime. This module includes 8 jam-packed "over the shoulder" videos explaining:

- How to install Wordpress
- How to setup the free plugin
- How to add lists
- How to add optin forms
- How to send newsletters
- How to schedule autoresponders
- How to setup cron jobs

For a limited time the videos come with 2 additional bonuses.

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WP Pop Notifier Plugin

WP Pop Notifier allows you to display a notification to capture your website visitors attention effectively.

It provides customizable pop up notifications - there are 5 theme styles to choose from, option to change colors, fonts, borders, shadow settings and much more. It allows you to choose the position of the notification in page, effects , as well as option to choose the audio when the notification appears.

It also allows you to activate timer and set period of time of notification window appearing.

For a limited time the plugin comes with developer and multi-site licenses and 2 additional bonuses.

For details and order link click here

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WP Countdown Timer Plugin

This plugin will create a sharp looking countdown on any post or page of your choice to generate excitement or create urgency to buy.

Great for marketers who want to emphasize the time sensitivity of an offer. Think about those year end deals you are putting up.

Works wonderfully for bloggers to increase engagement for a contest or free download.

For a limited time the plugin comes with developer and multi-site licenses.

For details and order link click here

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WP EZ Showcase Plugin

WP EZ Showcase provides a really great way to create visually compelling and eye-catching showcases in which content and images can be elegantly displayed.

For a limited time the plugin comes with developer and multi-site licenses.

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Magic Guru Squeeze Tool

Brand New Software Allows Anyone To Create Stunning Squeeze Pages Like Those The Gurus Are Using, In Just A Few Clicks And A Few Minutes...

For a limited time the tool comes with developer license and Master Resale Rights PLUS 3 additional software called:
- IM Video Series (MRR included)
- Webmasters Video Series (MRR included)
- cPanel Video Series (MRR included)

A Set of 50 Hi-Res Web-Optimized Background Images is included as well.

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Great Fonts Plugin

Great Fonts Plugin Provides an Easy Way to Add Beautiful Fonts to All Your Posts - Without Writing a Single Line of Code or Fumbling with Crazy Shortcode Syntax.

For a limited time the plugin comes with developer license.

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InContent Ads Plugin

There are so many possible uses for it like:

- Polls and surveys for gathering information on what your readers need and want from your site.

- Opt-in forms - imagine the list-building power if you could easily target an offer to a specific post, category, or page?

- Affiliate offers - Sidebar ads are most often overlooked, but place that banner ad mid-content and you'll be amazed at the click-through rate.

- Special announcements - Launching a new video series, hosting a webinar, or speaking at an event? Let your readers know!

- Video content - embed YouTube or other videos in your posts easily.

- Social media icons - all the standard plugins force them to the top or bottom of the page, but now you can easily add yours anywhere you like!

- Customer testimonials

- Author bios - perfect for guest bloggers!

- Event calendars

- Tips and techniques your readers can use

- Product placement - Showcase your latest ebook or course

- And much, much more...

For a limited time the plugin comes with multi-site and developer license.

For details and order link click here

Crazy Deal

WP Social Locker Plugin

The amazing features and benefits of WP Social Locker are:

- Easily lock your content of your Wordpress blog until a visitor clicks in one social button: Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin.)

- You can add any URL to like, share, tweet or +1. You can easily set a URL for each social button or a common URL for the all social buttons. For example: you can assign a tweet for a current page, a like for fanpage, or Google+1 for your site main page. This is very easy: just set required URLs and you’re ready to rock and roll!

- In-depth, useful analytics tools that will allow you to analyze your viral traffic. It’s no secret that metrics of your blog will provide you important information about your traffic that you can use in order to improve your blog.

- Special BONUS: You have also the chance to lock videos! This will dramatically increase your response as we all know that video is all the rage right now.

For a limited time the plugin comes with developer license.

For details and order link click here

Crazy Deal

WP Scarcity Plugin

WP Scarcity Plus is a wordpress plugin that will help to boosts your profits with unlimited smart countdown timers.

For a limited time the plugin comes with developer license.

For details and order link click here

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