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Hi All My Friends on Twitter and elsewhere,

Twitter as you know is sizzling hot these days. It is more than just a fun way to communicate with people all around the world: it is a global phenomenon that is growing every second of every day, with millions of people eagerly awaiting your messages.

As you no doubt have heard, Twitter's traffic is growing at an incredible rate. As of June 2009 there where currently 44.5 Million (yes, you read it right.... 44.5 MILLION) registered Twitter users, which equates to around about a quarter of all people on the Internet.

Twitter is here to stay and...

Right here before you is the opportunity
to claim your piece of the Twitter pie!

I have put together a one-of-a-kind package that will teach people everything they need to know about Twitter: from setting up their first Twitter account to driving hundreds of followers and traffic to their website. The package includes the newest ebooks, video tutorials and other products available out there!

All products have been carefully selected and they're all high quality products. On top of that, they all have PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS, MASTER RESALE RIGHTS.RESALE RIGHTS OR GIVE AWAY RIGHTS.So you can not only use these products yourself, but you can also re-sell them and keep 100% of the profits: you can sell the individual products contained within the package separately, together, or you can repackage them. (Check Licences First) You can also sell this entire Twitter Giant Pack itself! Which Is the most sensible thing to do to make instant Cash!
I will provide you with a ready-made sales page similar to this one.

There has never been a quicker or easier way to start your own automated online business. All the hard work has already been done for you. All you have to do is insert your order link, upload your products & pages and begin making sales!

You are literally only minutes away from owning your very own turnkey special offer website, designed to start raking in the profits almost instantly!

Here Are All the Products Included In This Amazing Package:

Private Label & Master Resale Rights to:
1. 15 Twitter Background Templates

Fifteen Twitter Background Templates!

Content: With Unrestricted Private Label & Master Resale Rights
Sell them and keep "All The Money"

Description:Create Your Own Twitter Background And BE NOTICED! It's easy with these templates. Alter them in any graphics program Adobe-Paint-Gimp etc. At Last Your Own Personalized Background Just for You!

See the very quick 1st attempt black Background at I just created.(opens in new window) What you can put on these backgrounds is nothing short of amazing! I Promise you will not be disappointed.!


Master Resale Rights to:
2. Make Your Twitter Life Easier

The Twitter Automation Report!

Content: With Master Resale Rights

Description:Valuable information on the Twitter Autoresponder,Twitter RSS Blog Poster,Twitter Search Engine, and how to find other Twitter Members nearby.


Master Resale Rights to:
3. How To Tips and Tricks Guide

A How To Tips and Tricks Guide!

Content: 21 pages.Master Resale Rights

Description: Answers most of your questions regarding your Twitter experience.


Private Label Rights to:
4. Twitter Marketing Power

Twitter marketing Power. Taking Your Twitter Marketing to The Next Level!

Content: Private label Rights

Description:Did you know that there are several common mistakes that most (even experienced) Twitter users make that can actually hurt your business more than help it?

You can use this course to build awareness and to help your readers learn how to take advantage of everything that Twitter has to offer any Internet marketer!
This course is specifically designed with beginners in mind, so even if you or your reader has never used Twitter to communicate with their prospects before, you'll both learn how to get the most out of your Twitter marketing campaign!


Private Label Rights to:
5. Twitter Marketing Secrets

The Marketing Secrets to Help you with twitter!

Content: Private Label Rights

Description: "Unleash The Massive Traffic Potential Of A Top Social Network To Dramatically Increase Your Profits And Subscribers" Learn How You Can Use Twitter To Dominate Your Niche And Boost Your Profits
Through the information contained in this brand new, unique video program you will peek under the hood of Twitter and learn from an expert marketer.
This is a no holds barred training program and as always, not only does it teach you about Twitter, but it is littered with advice and tips on Internet Marketing.


Master Resale Rights to:
6. Twitter Treasure Chest

Twitter Treasure Chest!

Content: Over 35 Pages, Master Resale Rights

DescriptionImagine having at your fingertips access to thousands of people in your niche - without writing one single article!


Master Resale Rights to:
7. Twitter & SEO

Twitter & SEO!

Content: Master Resale Rights. Branding rights included!

Description: After following the action in this book Your tweets are often indexed by Google in a matter of minutes.


Private Label Rights to:
8. The Tweeple for Twitter!

Twitter for the Tweeple!

Content: Over 20 Pages, Private Label Rights

Description: You receive the original Twitter for the Tweeple e-book with unlimited PLR to this ebook. Change the content, add your name as author, break it up into articles, in fact, do as you will.


Master Resale Rights to:
9. Twitter Traffic Magic

Twitter Traffic Magic!

Content: Master Resale Rights. PLR Available.FULLY BRANDABLE

Description: How to Use Twitter to Boost Your Blog Traffic.



Master Resale Rights to:
10. Twitter Traffic Gold

Twitter Traffic Gold!

Content: Master Resale Rights

Description: Manipulate One of the Webs Fastest Growing Trends to Help You Cash in on Consumers Short Attention Spans!



Give Away Rights to:
11. What Are You Doing?

What Are You Doing?

Content: Give Away Rights

Description: "Discover The Top Ten Most Jealously Guarded Secrets Most Tweeps Will Never Know About
How To Build A Following Of Thousands Who Are Eager To Find Out What You Are Up To So You Can Drive Massive Amounts Of Traffic To Your Websites And Blogs On Demand!"



Master Resale Rights to:
12. Twitter Traffic Swarm

Twitter Traffic Swarm

Content:  Master Resale Rights

Description: How I Get More Traffic From This Newly-Tapped (And FREE) Source Than Most Big Spenders Blow-Through In Their Paid Accounts!
Best of all, this is targeted traffic, the kind that turns into S-A-L-E-S! Better get a piece of yours before this Wild West rail moves on for good.



Master Resale Rights to:
13. Twitter & Wordpress

Twitter & Wordpress!

Content:  Master Resale Rights

Description: WordPress Plugins Including;Tweet My Blog,Twitter This and WP Twit IpID.



Give Away Rights to:
14. Free Twitter Videos

Twitter Videos for FREE!

Content:  Give Away Rights

Description: This tremendous package has over 7 high quality videos with no less than 75 minutes of FREE expert training!
The videos walk you through everything you need to know about using twitter for internet marketing!
NOTE: You get 7 full "total twitter training" videos, which will make you an expert in just 1 hour 15 minutes! Value a cool $97



Private Label Rights to:
15. A Beginners Guide to Using & Marketing with Twitter

A Beginners Guide to Using & Marketing with Twitter!

Content:  Over 26 Pages, Private Label Rights

Description: How to Get Started with Twitter. And why Twitter Works for Marketers.


Master Resale Rights to:
16. Tweetastic Twitter Traffic Revealed

Tweetastic Twitter Traffic Revealed!

Content:  Over 26 Pages, Why Twitter Totally Rocks.Master Resale Rights.

Description: Building Your Following The Super Fast Way with Viral Tweeting


Master Resale Rights to:
17. The Essential Twitter Collection

The Essential Twitter Collection!

Content:  6 More Twitter PDFs. Two are allready in my 14 bonuses but 4 are Not! Master Resale Rights to all six.

Description: Also included: What Are You Doing? Why people are using Twitter to communicate.



Master Resale Rights to:
18. Twitter Traffic Secrets Video

Twitter Traffic Secrets Video!

Content: 10 Minute Valuable info Video, Master Resale Rights

Description: Excellant video. Cheeky mistake near the end.Can you find it? Let me know!


Private Label Rights to:
19. Twitter It Video

Twitter It Video!

Content: Pivate Label Rights

Description:Twitter it video tells it all. You receive the original Twitter it Video with PLR to change it as you wish and add to your site.


Master Resale Rights to:
20. Twitter for Internet Marketers Videos

Twitter for Internet Marketers Videos!

Content: ebook and Video. Master Resale Rights

Description: How to Get More Followers in Your Twitter Account and Leverage on It to Propel Your Business!


Master Resale Rights to:
21. Underground Twitter Manifesto

Underground Twitter Manifesto!

Content: Over 24 Pages, Master Resale Rights

Description: How to tap into one of the most viral traffic machines online.


Master Resale Rights to:
22. Twitter Squeeze Pages and Free Gifts

Twitter Squeeze Pages and 3 Free Gifts!

Content: Squeeze Tweets with Master Resale Rights

Description: 101 Twitter Tweets To Get You Started With Giveaway Rights Products!
Tweets About List Building,Tweets About Getting Traffic,Tweets About Twitter ebooks.Plus the Three E-Books for you to Give Away!
Brought to You Courtesy of Todd Gross and Perfect Traffic Storm.
Perfect Traffic Storm.Unlike any other traffic generator on the planet, because you get Viral Advertising, Web Traffic, AND Solo Emailing ALL in 1! Check it out!



Master Resale Rights to:
23. Twitter Power Marketing

27 Pages of Twitter Power Marketing! Master Resale Rights.

Content: Congratulations on getting your own Twitter Power Marketing website. Master Resale Rights

Description: This ebook can only be sold for anything above $5, and the recommended minimum is $17, using only special offers and coupons to go any lower.


Private label Rights to:
24. How to Edit Twitter

The Simple Way to Edit Your Twitter Account.

Content: Private label Resale Rights

Description: Has Private Label Rights,Master Resell Rights,Resell Rights. Can Be Edited. Can Be Sold on Auction Sites.
Can Claim Authorship.Can Claim Original Copyright.Can be Bundled with other products. Can be Included in Paid Membership Sites. Can be Offered As a Bonus to a Free Product.Can be Offered As a Bonus to a Paid Product.Graphics Included.


Master Resale Rights to:
25. 5x Niche Twitter Backgrounds

5 Niche Twitter Backgrounds!

Content: Master Resale Rights

Description: .Simple Twitter backgrounds to make you stand out from the crowd. Simplistic,elegant style


Master Resale Rights to:
26. Auto Tweet Generator

Auto Tweet Generator

Content: Master Resale Rights.

Description: Tweeting When You're Away From Your Computer Has Never Been Easier.

Spend Less Time on Twitter While Making More Money By Using This Easy To Use Script That You Control With No Monthly Fees!


Master Resale Rights to:
27. Unlimited Social Traffic and Bonus Videos

Unlimited Social Traffic and Bonus Videos!

Content: Over 27 Pages, Master Resale Rights

Description: Social Media Optimization Techniques you can put to good use with Twitter



Private Label Rights to:
28. 15 Twitter Background Screens!

15 Twitter Background Screens To Change as You Like!

Content: Become a Serious Twitter Individual with these Background Screens!

Description: Private Label Rights means you can add your Picture/Bio/URL or whatever you like!

Brought to You courtesy of Niche Membership Pro


Give Away Rights to:
29. Simple Guide to Twitter

NEW! Written by Ron Hotchkis. The OPPs Salesman.
"Simple Guide to Twitter!"

Content: Give Away Rights To Build Your List!

Description:Lots of Excellant information in this ebook. Including How not to be anti-social on Twitter. Brought to You courtesy of Twitter Info Blog Give it away from your blog, website or via one of the many squeeze pages here.



Master Resale Rights to:
30. Simple Twitter Traffic Guide

NEW! Written by Ron Hotchkis. The OPPs Salesman
"Simple Twitter Traffic Guide!"

Content: Over 48 imformative Pages, Master Resale Rights

Description:Finally Discover The Outrageous Secrets To Sending A Flood Of FREE Targeted Traffic To Your Websites

Includes Sales Page, Affiliate Page, Graphics and Blog Header.


Private Label Rights to:
31. NEW! 41 x Twitter PLR Aticles.

NEW! Provided by "The OPPs Salesman."
Private Label Rights to A total of 41 PLR Twitter Articles.

Content: Unrestricted Private Label Rights included.

Description:A total of 41 PLR Twitter Articles and five Blog Posts for you to use Effectively for Your Business!
You can do what you want with these Articles. Change them,write an ebook,send to article directories,start a membership club and much more.


Private Label Rights to:
32. Twitter Twitter Tweet Tweet Marketing

Twitter for Internet Marketing Professionals!

Content: Five day Twitter course with Private Label Rights

Description: Brand-New Private Label Twitter Ecourse Lets You Easily Teach Your Customers and Subscribers
How To Harness The Awesome Power Of Twitter To Successfully Promote Their Own Internet Business


Master Resale Rights to:
33. Twitter Auto Tweet

Twitter Auto Tweet!

Content: Master Resale Rights

Description:This is the PERFECT Giveaway Software to build your list AND promote multiple affiliate programs at the same time (backend income).


Give Away Rights to:
34. Twitter Tweet Free Report "It's Not Twype"

Twever Twitter Twips to Tweep you Tweeting!

Content: 36 Clever Twitter Tips. Not the usual you find all over the internet!
There are a lot of wimpy "Twitter Tip Lists" out there; this is NOT one of them. These 36 mini-twips along with another 64+ Twitter Tips you can get. Go from insightful Twitter toddler level to explosive Twitter-bomb advanced.

Description: Even if you think you're a Twitter social or Twitter business pro, you might want to check out this list.
Start from the beginning - this is one hefty shovel full of "Twitter How-to" Tips ready for you to Digg. You will find out how to get the rest of the twips later in the free report.


As you can see for yourself, this is truly an amazing collection of products!
And it can be yours today!

But That's Not All...This Incredible Twitter Video series by The Original Creator "Steve Dougherty" Is worth more than this whole pack in total!
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Guaranteed Resale Rights (You can sell them all but your customer cannot!) to:
35. The Twitter Video Collection

The Twitter Video Collection!

Content: There Are 23 Videos In This Series.As Well As The Marketing Package with Resale Rights

Description By Steve Dougherty.:"These videos are going to show you EXACTLY how you can achieve all your goals and become the success that you crave.
You will recieve the video step-by-step guide that will allow you to master Twitter and get the attention, the traffic and the profits that you deserve!
Twitter Isnt Just a Funny Name; its An Online Goldmine Just Waiting For You!"
And what is more. If you are Lucky! And Quick! You may be able to purchase the PLR to these videos from the link on my Thank You Page!


Also;If you order this package today, you'll also receive an amazing set of Fourteen FREE BONUSES, which you can give away to your subscribers as a gift, or use as an incentive to build your list!


Twitter  What It Is, How To Use It, And How Not To Be A TwitterTwit
Turbo Twit Cash Profits
Tweet to be Heard
Twitter Targeted Traffic
Twit Craze
A beginners Guide to Using & marketing with Twitter
Twitter WP
Twitter Terms
Accelerate on Twitter
Idiot Proof Guide to Twitter
Twitter Traffic

37.Plus Your Own Twitter Word Press Theme

A Twitteration WP-Theme

Please don't be disappointed, or blame me when you find in one or two of these PDFs similar information. I have read them all and found snippits of information in similar products that I would have missed. Some of the above bonuses can be Branded with your own info also. So Believe me. They are not all the same!
You will also find some of these products being sold or even given away elsewhere on the Internet.

However on this page are items unique to the Giant Twitter Pack you will not find elsewhere! ( at least not yet anyway.)

It is true to say though that some of the above products also contain bonuses and you are bound to find similar products in one or two of them.

Please check wisely, adhere to all licences included and if you do find duplicated products then use as you wish.

"However.I have one more important product to help you succeed!"

Resale Rights to:
38. The "How To Build An Army Of Affiliates" video series!

How To Build An Army Of Affiliates To Promote Your Twitter Giant Pack!

Content: Personal Use Plus Resale Rights

Description:If you don't have an affiliate program, then you are missing out on thousands of dollars in profits.

Learn How You Can Use The Twitter Giant Affiliate Program To Dominate Your Niche And Boost Your Profits!
This step-by-step seven video series takes you by the hand and shows you not only how to setup an affiliate program, but how to approach affiliates to promote Your Twitter Giant Pack. This is a no holds barred training program and will show you How to get the most out of This Giant Pack and your Twitter marketing campaign by using your own Affiliates!


Take action today and grab this package now, so that you can take the steps you need to break into the Twitter world and start profiting today.Just One Sale and You Have Your Money Back!..

If you are serious about making money online then don't waste any more time. Take advantage of this incredible offer now!

39. SUPER BONUS:Your Own Sales,Thanks and Squeeze Pages!

Order this amazing package today and you'll also receive A READY MADE Sales Page similar to this Sales Website . Put Your Name On It, Enter Your Order Link, Upload Your Files And Start Selling This Amazing Package Yourself!

Written by Twitter Expert Ron Hotchkis.The OPPs SalesMan.
And designed by Julie Stone. Professional Graphic Artist.

You will be proud to give away this quality ebook "InsideTwitter"

This is the Squeeze Page Header and Ebook.

The e-book Title "Inside Twitter"
An Inside Look Inside The Twitter World. Is also yours to give away using this squeeze Page included in your pack

You Keep 100% Of The Sales And Profits.
So Just One Sale means You Have Your Money Back!
Without Having To Share A Single Cent With Me!


I think you'll agree that this is an extremely valuable package. And today, you can get your hands on this package AND the pre-designed sales,thanks and squeeze pages worth $397 on there own!

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To Your Success!

Ron Hotchkis, The OPPs SalesMan

Selling Other Peoples Products for a decent Online Income!

Twitter is not associated with
All names of products and/or services mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

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